Monday, April 12, 2010

An Investigative look at my Job (s)

Customer Service is a tricky little monster. I have been unhappy receiving AND giving customer service. One of my jobs requires me to give enormous amounts of CS and I have come to a few conclusions:

1. As a consumer, you have been trained to act as though you are Paris Hilton when you shop. You are entitled to everything because you HAVE MONEY TO SPEND, DAMMIT. Ever notice how rude people are when they shop? It is because everyone is on their downtime. It is Recess for adults. Instead of pulling your classmates hair, or sticking your tongue out at everyone and anyone, you are rude to the bitch in front of you who walks too slow, and/or you loathe the person who checks you out because they don't give two shits about the dreams you are purchasing that happened to be on sale, thank you very much.

2. It is a lose/lose situation. On my end of the consumerism stick - the product you are buying does not contain the magic fairy dust for me as it does for you. I get it. I've been there. You walk into a store and you are hypnotized by the smell, the lights, the promises! OH. THE. ROMANCE! However, when your job is to stock those promises in neat little rows, and the smoke has settled and you realize that what your selling is just junk? Well, Retail Depression sets in. You could compare this to a bitter divorcee who is at a wedding, "Yeah, I remember feeling like that. IT DOESN'T LAST". *swigs champagne

3. Most people who work Retail are not deadbeats. If you honestly have this attitude, I hope the next time you shop your car gets mysteriously hit, you are given decaf at Starbucks, and Jesus eats popcorn and laughs while he listens to your prayers.

Happy Shoppin!

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  1. That graphic is terrific. I often wonder if the women who dump Mineral foundation all over a freshly cleaned unit are acting out in a similar fashion. One day I will go over to clean it up and there will be a message scrawled in the shimmery carnage.